Understanding Saturn’s Return

What kind of life purpose did you sign up for? Do you feel the constant urge to be professional, maintain your status, and be at the top? Do you feel like you’re ideas don’t fit in with the whole, like you have an innovative purpose to share with humanity? A constant urge to bring fire and expansion to your work and life? Or maybe a more emotional purpose such as uncovering the depths of emotions, sex, and death? Many peers in my life, are going through what is called a Sat

"Science of Love"

Let’s take a second to step out of romanticized versions of love and life and look at ourselves as a species—a species that is wired for adaptation, and for scientific purposes, “survival.” We all come programmed with different understandings of love, things that turn us towards it, or things that have made us run far away, yet according to current research by Fredrickson (2013) the body has a *behind the scenes* unconscious program that changes the way the body expresses DNA

Guiding Life Imagery

Having experienced much of my own work with connection to inner imagery through therapy and meditation work, I have a deep belief that our imaginative minds can better connect us to something greater and spiritually intelligent. I also really enjoy this process as a guiding experience, for it can otherwise be difficult to sit still and interact with inner images. The first time I ever did imagery work was with my psychic many years ago after struggling through the pain of a p


Within my continued energy healing training last month, we came up with a group aligned purpose to be fully centered in our heart, to only do and act from a place of authenticity and to accept what arises in a healing is meant for that person. What was coming up was fear—fear that we may not be assisting, guiding, or flowing the energy properly. My healer mentor’s response to this collective insecurity was the following: “When you think you can’t do something, don’t worry, be

Energy of The Body, Biofield, and Source

I have spoken a lot about human energy fields and the interactions between the energetic fields of all living things and even non-living things. It is the paradigm that has emerged from quantum physics, as well as mentioned by many famous evolved philosphers, mystics, and healers, that essentially believes we are energetic beings living in a projected holographic state (aka the hologram theory). Unfortunately, growing up in the western world, many of us are not taught about e

Channeled Energy of Food

What the f*ck is channeling? Every single one of us channels energy, ideas, feelings and etc. through the great spirit of the universe and this cosmic connected interplay. We are all filled with the same spirit that is essentially living and experiencing itself in infinite forms through all different levels of consciousness and dimensions. For example, the conscious energy of plants that you eat is experiencing you just as much as you are experiencing it, and many times its c

Soul Amnesia

I can’t tell you how much this topic is probably one of my favorite spiritual truths—for it is the idea that our soul came into this physical world with a thought out plan of where we want to inhabit, which parents we choose to grow from, what experiences we want to have, and what people will meet us in our paths, as well as things down to the very second and time of our birth and astrological energy. We then awaken into the physical world where these truths are forgotten sim

Chakra Energy

As I have mentioned briefly in other posts, there are many wheels of spinning light energy throughout the body known as chakras, through which we receive information and/or channel different emotions, needs, and wants from source, god or whatever you would like to call it. It is possible to sit with yourself to sense these centers and to feel the energetic patterns that are presenting within each energetic space. For example, when working closely with another healer this we

Float Nashville

You may resonate with the idea that many of us go searching for answers external to ourselves, when really everything thing we need lies within. This was the mantra I took with me to my very first Float Nashville experience! Having entered the holistic portion of my Holistic Nurse Practitioner degree, I have been able to try many new things I may have otherwise been too nervous to book on my own, and let's just say...the expansion is happening nicely. Float Nashville is first

What's Causing Your Addictions?

When visiting the American Holistic Nursing Association’s annual conference in California this past summer, I attended a very special seminar on holistic healing for addiction. I have held many persons' hand in their walk back to consciousness from life-threatening overdoses and substance abuse accidents, as well as stood beside patients through their journey to the “other-side” from disheartening cancers and organ failures from lifelong addictions. I have witnessed a patient

Thoughts on ADHD

What is attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)? Does this diagnosis even exist? Doesn't everyone struggle with procrastination or focusing at points in their life? Am I at an advantage if I surrender to this diagnosis and take medication? These are thoughts that have occupied my mind space through the interrogation of ADHD in my mind. My thoughts change on this topic continuously. Some days I hear my ego fighting back saying "you don't have ADHD, you can do everything


I have been using the term “spiritual” for a while now to describe my underlying make up of all things mysterious in this world, as well as a connection with a divine energy. While this connection comes so naturally for me, I have struggled finding the language to describe its essence in my life, as well as struggled with the idea of being seen as discriminating in some way towards other peoples' beliefs. At the very core of my belief is a desire to achieve unity through a se