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Within my continued energy healing training last month, we came up with a group aligned purpose to be fully centered in our heart, to only do and act from a place of authenticity and to accept what arises in a healing is meant for that person. What was coming up was fear—fear that we may not be assisting, guiding, or flowing the energy properly.

My healer mentor’s response to this collective insecurity was the following: “When you think you can’t do something, don’t worry, because you can’t.” As an energy healer (or really anything) we are only ever conduits of the divine energy that works through us, and opening our hearts and doing what feels most aligned will always provide the level of healing that is needed for each individual. Essentially, all healing is energy healing. The same goes for your life path. When we are connected to our hearts, or the calm easy feelings that come with being in alignment with our preprogrammed energetic blueprint, we find that life flows easy, we are happy, and we don’t really have to try to receive abundance. Ultimately, free-will is always part of the experience, but your energy system will start to create resistance when the energy of your free-will is not matching what you came here to learn, experience, and share. This can come in many of the following forms—physical symptoms, mental distress, or unsatisfying outcomes in general. What’s coming up as important for me this month is a whole new level of comfortability in the natural flow of my heart. The whole past year has been a year of cleansing, transformation, and fighting some really deep internal wirings that no longer serve me, and it is finally starting to feel like it’s time to flow and receive. I feel as though my inner self has taken over and is fully prepared to close any and all chapters that are heavy, have held me back, and not needed (#emotional file-closing).

So here is to leaving the past in the past, accepting the lessons, and shutting doors— letting only the influx of love, understanding, and inner-power flow. Cheers to this new spring season and the planting of some really authentic seeds.

For those of you who have been following my journey through my writing, my own deep inquiries about life, things that have inspired my own healing, and beliefs that I have danced in and out of...thank you. It is only ever my hope that parts and pieces of my story, journey, and passions spark things within the inner selves of others, so that we may all begin to live in alignment with our authentic hearts. The beautiful part about this journey is that people can tell us things about ourselves, we may read something that rings true or have many encounters with people that teach us different things, but ultimately we get to gather and choose the pieces that define us. What does your heart believe?



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