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Soul Amnesia

I can’t tell you how much this topic is probably one of my favorite spiritual truths—for it is the idea that our soul came into this physical world with a thought out plan of where we want to inhabit, which parents we choose to grow from, what experiences we want to have, and what people will meet us in our paths, as well as things down to the very second and time of our birth and astrological energy. We then awaken into the physical world where these truths are forgotten simply for the ability to truly experience and grow from the mystery of it all.

I have always thought of love or relationships as the core and source of all soul growth, because it forces us to see truths, differences, and most importantly awakens us to our truest version of self. The whole point is to keep awakening until you find this soul-level version of yourself, and with each awakening you can no longer go back to where you once inhabited, because you begin to see more and more parts of your real self that would no longer energetically align with your previous self and/or relationships. It is all a progression.

There is beauty in the collaboration that took place with these souls before jumping into a world of amnesia, and what may feel like deep heartbreak, is all truly a part of the plan to align one with their highest self, as well as possibly working out karmic energy from previous lifetimes.

You can then clear all resentments, heartbreaks, frustrations, and mishappenings as you thank the journey and the evolution of ascension towards yourself. Just think...that person that wronged you, maybe hurt you deeply, or even inspired you was simply an agreed upon experience for each of your growths.

Experience is truly subjective, for there are no bad or good experiences, only what meanings we assign to them. If you can understand that everything is happening for your highest good there is simply no need to overthink, worry, or stress.

As we all continue our journeys on this path of ascension, one of the most calming things you can remember is to trust your very core vibration and to connect with your most authentic soul, because it is through this energy and vibration that your life partner, soulmate, twin flame (whatever you choose to vibe with) will also exude and be attracted to, as well as what will light up the energy and path of your life purpose.

Keep connecting to yourself 👭

Love you guys,


p.s. Here is one of my favorite freely spoken voice memos that I recorded back in January of 2017 that is deeply connected with my true self and also this topic, as well as synchronistically recorded over the song “Ascent,” by Ouer.

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