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Chakra Energy

As I have mentioned briefly in other posts, there are many wheels of spinning light energy throughout the body known as chakras, through which we receive information and/or channel different emotions, needs, and wants from source, god or whatever you would like to call it. It is possible to sit with yourself to sense these centers and to feel the energetic patterns that are presenting within each energetic space. For example, when working closely with another healer this weekend in my healing touch training, she was able to clearly envision how my chakras were spinning, visualize the colors, and recognize if there were any blocks or closings within certain centers.

With that being said, it would be totally awesome if we were all this intuitively developed and in tune—but until then, let’s chat about fun unique ways you can easily assess your own chakra centers through fun observations, paying attention to spoken metaphors, and using certain energetic tools, while also being open to intuitive messages or sensations along the way.

Within energetic healing there is an assessment process of the energy fields, and this can be done through feeling, intuiting, using a tool, or a mixture of all of these things. A pendulum, or anything of swinging nature such as a necklace can be held over energy centers to assess the pattern of the energy. For example, over an open chakra system, the pendulum would swing circular and the same size throughout each of the main seven chakras to reveal that information and energy is flowing freely and balanced through all of the seven main chakra centers.

Any change in the energy could reveal a change in size, direction, or speed of the pendulum. A blocked or closed chakra will usually demonstrate any pattern other than circular—it could simply vibrate in a stuck position, swing diagonal, or another weird pattern or shape.

When doing this on yourself, you may start to learn different energetic patterns or intuit information as you are assessing yourself. You can even throw in the use of your hands to see if you are able to sense different feelings throughout your body, such as prickling, tingling, warm, cold, stuffy, clear, smooth, or millions of other descriptions to describe its pattern—just try to start trusting what you feel.

There are seven different colors throughout the chakra system that align with the colors of the light spectrum, and are as follows starting with the first chakra: red (root), orange (sacral), yellow (solar plexus), green (heart), blue (throat), indigo (brow/third-eye), and purple (crown). Each chakra and color corresponds to different emotions, parts of life, and/or different functionalities.

Feel free to learn more about each chakra's specific purpose in my video log that I created for you guys this week! Once you have an understanding of each chakra and its corresponding color, you can start to pay attention to colors that you are drawn to in your life, or colors that you feel may describe you, and these may give you a deeper meaning as to what chakra you may be channeling the most.

For example, If I had to name myself as a color or describe what color shows up the most in my life, I would definitely be 50 shades of green. This is funny because green correlates to the heart chakra, represents love in all forms, is used in healing work, and connecting with the true self. Interestingly,

this is true to what most of my life currently includes, especially self-love and healing.

You can also use colors within your own home space, feng shui, or personal style to channel different chakras to help with situations that a specific chakra may useful or to simply help balance a chakra that is not always as open as the others. For example, one time while writing a paper, I spray painted my hair blue to channel the gift of expression through my throat chakra and to help my words effortlessly flow together. I started naming this "Color Therapy," because it is a fun creative tool you can use to manifest your wanted outcomes, and I believe in all things pertaining to play-time.

Go learn what chakra you want to channel tomorrow and incorporate it into your daily style!

With lots of love and extra play,


Chakra Description Video Log

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