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Guiding Life Imagery

Having experienced much of my own work with connection to inner imagery through therapy and meditation work, I have a deep belief that our imaginative minds can better connect us to something greater and spiritually intelligent. I also really enjoy this process as a guiding experience, for it can otherwise be difficult to sit still and interact with inner images.

The first time I ever did imagery work was with my psychic many years ago after struggling through the pain of a pretty intense break-up. I remember relaxing and letting the images come to my mind, and all of a sudden I was sitting on a cloud with a wizard who’s message was “yo, you can create anything you want with the poof of a wand,” while also communicating from my higher self that life is not as serious as it appears.

As I have began to dig deeper into the facilitation of interactive imagery work, one of the most important parts of the process comes through asking the person to allow an image to form that may represent an "inner advisor." Much like the wizard, whom has been an inner guide for me in different imagery sessions, others may form their own advising images.

The point is to get us out of the analytical and logical parts of our brains to connect us to the parts of ourselves that are operating unconsciously, so that we may form a greater understanding of our mental affect and higher selves, understand behavior patterns, and receive wisdom or intuitive guidance we didn’t know we were capable of receiving. The patterns and symbolism that are extracted from the images are many times extremely revealing, can put big puzzle pieces together, and help one understand underlying unconscious wirings. Bresler and Rossman (2016), from the Academy of Interactive Guided Imagery, explain the brain in two parts: that of the dominant brain hemisphere, which steers logic, analyzation, organization, and all the structured things that life requires of us as we pursue our physical lives, and that of the subdominant hemisphere that is imaginative, has no defining boundaries, stores images, and steers our creativity and inner-automatic behavior. In a world where productivity is important, dominant brain thinking is the most utilized and, in a sense, the higher “worshipped” part of the brain in the Western world. What’s going missed is the power of the imaginative brain to reveal information that one may never logically “think” their way to.

Think about it like this... Bresler (2016) believes that one's childhood is a collective state of hypnotic events, where we are fed suggestions within a state of focused attention. These so-called hypnotic events and all memories are then stored in our brains as images. Therefore, what better way is there to get to the truth of our emotions than to connect with memories and past traumas through the natural state that they are stored within our brains through imagery.

Until we tap into the actual imagery of something we are trying to unravel, we unconsciously replay any and all past traumas in our heads as repeated images, which can then become the definition of post-traumatic stress disorder. Of course none of us want to continually feel pain, so we either push these images down and trap negative collections of imagery (aka energy) within our bodies to later form as physical disease, or we form negative wirings within our brains to cope that can lead to destructive mental wirings, patterns, behaviors and etc. Essentially, they become excess layers that suffocate or diminish any connection with our actual authentic selves, and many of us can forget who it is that we are without these negative types of programming.

What if I told you that connecting to the inner wisdom and imagery within yourself could help you put pieces together, release traumas, and receive messages from something within you or the universe that wants to see you at your highest potential—would you use it as a resource? Have you been trying to free yourself from destructive behaviors only to realize that you may never logically think your way out of it? And what if I told you these images in your head have an intelligence about them that start to deliver messages and guidance that you may have other wise shunned away?

All of these things speak to the power of imagery and the imaginative parts of our brains that are meant to connect us to higher levels of guidance and intuition from our higher selves and that of a spiritual healing universe.

Energetic & Intelligent Meaning:

As Earth’s energetic vibration has been going through major transformation, more people are waking up to the potential within and the ability to connect to higher levels of vibrating energy that aligns one with unconditional love, or so called “heaven on earth.” We are going through a shedding of, what is called third-dimension vibration, and shifting into fourth and fifth-level vibrations, as this has been constantly communicated through many different channelers and connections with the divine.

For more information on energy fields check out my previous blog here. Third level vibrations are focused on physical states and egoic ideas that center more on being a victim of our circumstances, as opposed to fifth level vibration that connects us to more intuitive, spiritual, and loving energy that understands that all things that happen in our lives are meant to support our growth and have symbolic intelligent meaning. This means that all imagery is important. That animal that walked, scuttered, or flew by you the other day may be offering you a message. That number sequence that you continue to see throughout your life, whether it be on a clock, a license plate, someone’s birthday, or etc. is all intelligent and may be trying to speak to you. That flash of an image in your head when a certain emotion arises or a strong tug in your gut, may be a message helping you to take action in some way or another. The same goes for our thoughts. When we give permission to the divine to manifest co-creatively with our free-will, we have access to amazing creations and inner-thought guidance. The potential is never-ending and that ‘right there’ what our dominant logical thinking brains will never fully allow us to access. Let us not forget about the power of our inner and external universal imagery. What images arose as you read this reading? May they continue to tell you a story,

with love,


Reference Bresler, D., & Rossman, M. (2016). How imagery works. In Fundamentals of interactive guided imagery (11th ed.). Malibu, CA: Academy of Interactive Guided Imagery.

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