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Understanding Saturn’s Return

What kind of life purpose did you sign up for? Do you feel the constant urge to be professional, maintain your status, and be at the top? Do you feel like you’re ideas don’t fit in with the whole, like you have an innovative purpose to share with humanity? A constant urge to bring fire and expansion to your work and life? Or maybe a more emotional purpose such as uncovering the depths of emotions, sex, and death? Many peers in my life, are going through what is called a Saturn return in astrology. From the age of 28-30, Saturn returns to the degree of placement in your birth chart, bringing transformation, discipline, and alignment with your life path. In astrology, Saturn rules your life lessons. He/she doesn’t frolic when it comes to assessing whether you’re on path with the purpose you agreed to complete. Debra Silverman, a psychotherapist, astrologer, and creator of my Applied Astrology program, refers to this planet as the “high school principle” knocking at your door with consequences, rigidity, and discipline. Saturn’s home sign sits in Capricorn, the sign of prestige, discipline, ambition, and success. It’s a very earthy/manifesting energy that constantly puts in work to succeed and be the best. When I think of Capricorn energy I think of the CEO’s of the zodiac. Although your Saturn can be charted in any sign, its returning energy still comes in with a sense of discernment as to whether you are in alignment with your purpose or not. Many people experience drastic life changes on, before, and after their Saturn returns such as divorces, major career changes, graduations, and overall shifts in life. Saturn also has a lot to do with “karma.” We can try to ignore our purpose, but with that usually comes more and more difficulties in our lives, as well as repeating lifetimes when the lessons and roles aren’t fulfilled. However, the energy orbits back around (at its highest intensity) every 28-30 years, providing opportunity to get in true alignment. Think of the events in your life that have built up to a greater purpose and shifted you to higher paths, even when the shifts may have felt absolutely devastating. If you are a bit older, compare events in your life around the ages of 28-30 and 58-60.

If your Saturn sits in Capricorn your lucky time is now, for Saturn is currently at 20 degrees Capricorn. Next up is the innovative Aquarius (🙋🏼‍♀️) in 2020 for a few months and then 2021 for the full year and 2022...then Pisces, Aries, Taurus and so on. You can expect Saturn to transit in each sign for about 2 and a half years (it's not always exact due to retrograde periods). Depending on the sign that your Saturn sits, your life holds distinct differences in your life purpose. For greater descriptions of your Saturn’s return, research the sign of your Saturn placement. Refresh your soul memory, you signed up for this.

Saturn’s calling,


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