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Energy of The Body, Biofield, and Source

I have spoken a lot about human energy fields and the interactions between the energetic fields of all living things and even non-living things. It is the paradigm that has emerged from quantum physics, as well as mentioned by many famous evolved philosphers, mystics, and healers, that essentially believes we are energetic beings living in a projected holographic state (aka the hologram theory).

Unfortunately, growing up in the western world, many of us are not taught about energy or the many different layers of the energy body that are constantly interacting and vibrating at different frequencies, depending on one’s state of being. I’ll further explain how energy fields can look and feel different, especially from the eyes and sensations of a healer using higher sensitive perception.

So, here’s how it vibes starting from within the energy holder of the spine.

1st level / Etheric field:

The first field closest to the spine and the slowest vibrating energy of them all is known as the etheric field. It is described as a dense blue color and can be referred to as the shadow of the physical body.

2nd level / Emotional field:

Since all the different levels shoot out from the spine, there is overlapping that occurs. However, each expanding layer vibrates at a faster frequency, allowing it to expand further than the previous. The healthy emotional field is known as a fluffy colorful energy and expands past the etheric field, while holding all of our emotional experiences and personalities.

3rd level / Mental field:

The mental field holds the constructs of our thoughts and beliefs for this lifetime and can be seen as lined yellow light up to eight inches from the physical body (Brennan, 1987).

4th level / Astral field:

The astral layer holds the energy of one’s spiritual or higher purpose, as well as connection to the Divine (Anderson, Anselme, & Hart, 2017). This field is where one’s intuitive nature lies and is a rainbow of colors with no defined structure. It can be seen, sensed, or felt up to two or more feet from the physical body depending on the person.

5th level / Etheric Template

This field is interesting, for it holds the blueprint of a healthy optimal physical body and feeds energy into the actual etheric field or field closest to the physical body. Rubik (as cited in Anderson & et. al., 2017) describes this part of the biofield as “holding and transmitting information in the same way a holographic plate distributes information in a hologram (p. 31).” This field can be seen as blue grid lines about two feet from the body.

6th level / Celestial Body

As we continue to expanded dimensions of the biofield, the energy vibrates at a much greater rate, reaching higher spiritual dimensions and emotions. The celestial body is known to carry higher emotional spiritual energy and unconditional love. It can be tapped into through meditation or practices that raise one’s vibration to meet this speed. It has a bright shimmery, almost pearl-like, color and is composed of multiple pastels, while extending two to three feet from the physical body (Anderson & et. al., 2017).

7th level / Ketheric Template

This is the outer most layer of all the subsequent fields and acts as a protective egg-like shell (Brennan, 1987). It is composed of golden gridlines that protect the inner energetic and physical systems. If damaged, it can lead to too much energetic influence from outer environmental energy systems.

Summary: It is easy to remember how the different fields operate based on the energy density or different level of vibration. For example, the closer to, what appears to be the physical, is always the slowest moving and most dense energy. Realms of the divine, spirituality, and higher level beings exist on a much faster energetic plane that appears invisible to our ‘physically attuned’ understanding. These higher vibrating realms (usually 4th-7th energy fields) are where you may connect to spirit guides, angels, or other loved ones that exist in the divine, while ultimately receiving support for your physical, yet energetic, journey.

Source Energy:

It is easy to get caught up in different understandings and interpretations of the energy and life that exist beyond this physical holographic plane, yet what I find most important, is the connection of love that resides in all the sacred texts and spiritual teachings. The differences and interpretations are helpful to reach people at all different soul levels, while love is the ultimate underlying factor that can be connected to in many different compatible ways.

I’ve witnessed words from Christ being channeled, Budha teachings being offered, other planetary beings offering ascension advice, spirit guides and angels surrounding people in energetic love and support, and more from the spiritual realms. The other-side seems to offer us what may be most beneficial for our mental understandings in order to manifest and lift ourselves and this earth into a place of love and higher vibration.

Most importantly this lifetime was orchestrated by you and others of the divine, and it is specific to your life purpose, growth, and karma from previous lifetimes. You absolutely have everything your path needs to reach levels of ascension you planned for yourself in this physically appearing realm, as well as the ability to heal from all the pain that allowed you to awaken.

Anything that you are telling yourself, experiencing, or receiving that is not of love and purpose and light is a sign that you are out of alignment with the real you. You’re identity is not and will never be defined negatively, with anxiety, or hate—these feelings are only engrained to help you shift and wake up to yourself. Your energy, situation, and life is innately adept and designed so that you may achieve and conquer every piece of healing and love you came to share with the world. Follow your joy, for it is of your highest vibrating truth!

Sending love to the ultimate heart space 🌏,



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