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I have been using the term “spiritual” for a while now to describe my underlying make up of all things mysterious in this world, as well as a connection with a divine energy. While this connection comes so naturally for me, I have struggled finding the language to describe its essence in my life, as well as struggled with the idea of being seen as discriminating in some way towards other peoples' beliefs.

At the very core of my belief is a desire to achieve unity through a sense of love and through whatever belief rings true to one, whether this is a connection with a religious belief system or a philosophy that aligns with one's heart. I believe in following your subjections while remaining open to self-expansion and allowing yourself grace as you may shift your beliefs throughout your life experience.

At the core of a healthy life, lies a conscious expansion of self and a true awareness of one's reality, as well as giving and receiving love.

What I love about the nature of spirituality is that it can be completely subjective to one’s own experience for how it is used to connect with the world or one’s personal meaning of life. While there is no single agreed upon description of spirituality, it is apparent that to live the human experience grants you a spiritual experience. You are connected to a mysterious universe that we are all playing within, and what you choose to make of your experience can be your own nature of spirituality.

How my spirituality is used to connect with the divine, other human beings, nature, experience and etc., stems heavily from my experience with people of extrasensory perception (ESP) and new age thinking or the divine metaphysical. At the very young age of 16, I was departed by my first love, as he passed away in a fatal car accident on the way to school. I experienced many expected emotions in regards to this experience, but anger never seemed to be one of them.

Looking back on this now, I know that it is very important to express and feel all stages of grief, for it can manifest its self into unconscious parts of your behavior that you may be left to untangle later in life. Aside from consciously understanding this now, I always had a sense of acceptance or trust that this experience was supposed to happen the way it did in my life, and that (maybe) there was an underlying greater force or type of energy at work.

I started recognizing increased synchronistic events, with 11:11 constantly flashing in my face, for this was my love’s favorite time to make a wish. Shortly after, I ran into his mom at a softball game where I used to attend school, and she told me a strange story of running into a psychic medium in a nail salon that was shooting a tape for MTV’s True Life: Paranormal Edition.

Every time I see his mom, it feels as if time stops because we connect on what seems to be a very intense level of emotion, and I forget about everything else around me. Aside from the intensity, I still remember her being shocked by the things the medium told her in the reading, and in my mind, I thought it was beautiful that out of all places she could have been, she ended up in the same place as this psychic medium to hear this message.

This event left such an impression on me that I soon reached out to the same medium and set up my own reading. All I can tell you is that we met in a public food court, and I was in tears from the moment she started talking all the way to the end. It was a mixture of such joy and sadness, but also deep connection with not only my love again, but this interconnected divine universe.

For people whom have never had this experience or do not have a passed loved-one to connect with, I understand this can sound mind-boggling or worrisome. It is strange thinking about this now, for this has been engrained in my life for so long, but I can tell you my whole life changed after this day. I attended my first metaphysical exposition shortly after in Nashville and became up close with a whole new world of spirit guides, angels, divine love, and many other types of support that are meant to guide us through our physical-world journeys. I became more interested in many types of energetic healing, consciousness as a whole, and my own personal ascension process, as well as developing a love for holistic and conscious types of healing.

It is very interesting how our personal paths and journeys' all lead us to very specific purposes and life passions in our lifetimes, and I cannot imagine a life without this experience, because it has shifted me into the person I am today. I look back on this journey with even more understanding now, and also at the amazing amount of self-expansion it has gifted me. I am so grateful to have so much love within my heart to share with the world, as well as a vast amount of inspiration, support, and love from what I call the "other side."

As always,

I am happy to share my love and heart with you all. Topics to think on: What gives your life meaning?

Kelsey 🍬

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