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Channeled Energy of Food

Updated: Jan 25

What the f*ck is channeling? Every single one of us channels energy, ideas, feelings and etc. through the great spirit of the universe and this cosmic connected interplay. We are all filled with the same spirit that is essentially living and experiencing itself in infinite forms through all different levels of consciousness and dimensions.

For example, the conscious energy of plants that you eat is experiencing you just as much as you are experiencing it, and many times its conscious energy is providing a feeling or emotion, while nourishing your cells with these same loving messages and energy transfer.

Remember back in grade school when we learned the principles of a symbiotic relationship and how animals and things work together to benefit from each other’s partnership to create an aspired outcome. This is the nature of interacting energies of the universe and similar to how the foods we eat affect our energies and channel different emotions. Without close attention, we might not understand how the energies are reacting, but we can channel and feel things from different relationships.

When I think about the energy of plants, I picture them as offerings of conscious energy holding messages, shifts in energy, and different experiences of consciousness. Think about it…most of our drugs in the world are in some part created from a plant—pain medicines, blood pressure and heart medicines, anti-inflammatories, cancer drugs, amphetamines—you name it.

You then have your cannabis, mushrooms, and other psychedelic vines and plant mixtures that can take you to transformational levels of consciousness where the realization that we are all one is heightened. The healing lies in the symbiotic creation and mixture of your energy with the plant's energy…basic chemistry if you want to get down to it.

On the other hand, I have been thinking a lot about the energy of eating animals and the fear, pain, and suffering that must be trapped within much of commercialized meat due to the horrible mistreatment of animals that takes place in our country. We also know that red meat is a known cause/link of many different cancers. This makes me wonder if some of this fear based energy is distributed down to the level of our very own cells and overtime negatively shifting our DNA, acting as a catalyst for dis-ease.

It brings us back to the holistic philosophy that disease is simply known as "chaos at the atomic level.” Everything you eat has a vibration and energy that is ultimately interacting with your body down to the cellular atomic level, therefore shifting your energy field.

Whatever it is you eat—plants, animals, or processed foods—it is creating a relationship with you and affecting the cells in your body and also your ability to intuitively channel higher vibrational parts of your self and others. Higher vibe foods such as plants, or preparing meals from a local loving garden, are going to allow your body to operate at a way higher level, making it easier to connect with higher vibrating dimensions of the divine, transmute karmic energy, and ultimately expand and ascend at a faster rate.

This is why many spiritual and sensitive people vibe with a predominantly plant-based lifestyle, because they are ultimately eating, as Virtue and Reeves (2016) call it, "nutrition for intuition.” For those of you still on the way, (and I am right there with you), you can use prayer and intention to help shift the vibration of your food to a higher loving frequency. It is simply energy interacting with energy, and it is through conscious intention that we shift our environment to create the perfect symbiotic relationships that our soul, body, and mind need. (Check out the studies below)

Also as with anything, nutrition is simply one part of the experience, for there is simply yin and yang energy in everything. For example, you could eat a plant-based diet, meditate every day, and live in a spiritually connected state, yet ultimately miss out on the earthly human adventure that this life is here to offer. Some of us may have more spiritual and healing purposes in this world than others, but don’t forget to live a little. Throw away any thoughts of “food-shaming.” Accept where you are at and bless your food. This isn't an all or nothing universe. Be both the Buddha and the Rockstar.

Sending blessings over all y'alls food,


P.S. for my more logical people <3

Plant Research

Jagadish Chandra Bose, recently mentioned in the educational text Plant Cell Environment (Calvo, Sahi, & Trewavas, 2017), created a crescograph that measured the electrical activity of plants in response to various stimuli and found that plants reacted in a similar manner to animals or a living nervous system. Bose’s research suggests that plants have a way of understanding and feeling emotion from the environment, for plants exposed to “pleasant music” grew notably faster than those exposed to “harsh noises (Bose, 1920).” Bose’s research, although old, has sparked modern day inquiry of whether plants may actually be sentient through a perceiving bioelectric field (Calvo, Sahi, & Trewavas, 2017).

This kind of research wouldn’t be shocking to the famous holistic nursing theorist, Martha Rogers, who believed that we are simply operating within one unitary energy field, suggesting that humans and the environment live in an open constant interaction with one another, all with equally affective potential to shift each other’s energy field or energetic pattern.

Effects of Prayer Research

In 1994 Dr. Masuru Emoto began freezing and observing water under a microscope to see if its molecular pattern would change in response to certain words, music, environments, and prayers (Emoto, 2010). When the water was exposed to uplifting words, beautiful music and prayer, the water structure under the microscope formed beautiful crystal-like structures resembling snowflakes, but when exposed to negative words, harsh music, or pulled from unclean environments the structures were disfigured with non-distinct patterns.

The results of this study alone show us the real power of conscious intention and prayer to shift the environment around us! When in doubt—simply bless your food with good intentions, thoughts, and channeled love.


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