Guiding Life Imagery

Having experienced much of my own work with connection to inner imagery through therapy and meditation work, I have a deep belief that our imaginative minds can better connect us to something greater and spiritually intelligent. I also really enjoy this process as a guiding experience, for it can otherwise be difficult to sit still and interact with inner images. The first time I ever did imagery work was with my psychic many years ago after struggling through the pain of a p

How Does Your Intuition Talk To You?

This week has been fascinating in that the universe continues to deliver connections that are sparking deeper meaning in my life. Having ran into some very empathic people and stimulating conversations of conscious thinking, it is apparent that I am beginning to attract like-minded people that are helping me to dive deeper into the understanding of my own empathic sensitivities. I do not care to initiate conversation on the idea that some of us are more or less gifted than on

E-motion: Energy in Motion

There are many different conflicting paradigms in the world of healthcare, depending on different professions, beliefs systems, location/culture, and etc. Western medicine, for example, is predominantly ran by a mechanistic biomedical healthcare system that unfortunately can lead to viewing the patient through isolating parts, instead of looking at the parts as an interaction of the whole. With this type of view, comes great understanding on how to treat disease when it pre

What's Causing Your Addictions?

When visiting the American Holistic Nursing Association’s annual conference in California this past summer, I attended a very special seminar on holistic healing for addiction. I have held many persons' hand in their walk back to consciousness from life-threatening overdoses and substance abuse accidents, as well as stood beside patients through their journey to the “other-side” from disheartening cancers and organ failures from lifelong addictions. I have witnessed a patient

What is Your Shadow Self Trying To Tell You?

Let's just be honest here, my ability to binge on highs has not only been on food. There are so many other ways of binging that can be used to derail the same uncomfortable feelings that started the binging and purging of my eating disorder. Examples could include shopping, relationships, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex, weighing one's get the point. There are also many forms of restriction highs that can feed similar feelings. I'm not telling you this so you can g