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The Choice of Ascension

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

To ascend, is to use one’s free-will to choose higher vibrational timelines. To stay inert also comes from one’s free-will, yet free-willed structures are what allow dark manipulation of opposing light structures.

This universe not only molds to one’s will, but also takes on, as Magenta Pixie describes, “the matching structure to focused power of thought and emotion.” Understanding the malleable cosmic fabric of focused thought and emotion is at the center of mind-control programed realities, but also the mystery knowledge that sets one free.

By controlling, not only how one thinks, but also how one focuses their thoughts, manifests wanted or “controlled” versions of reality. This is why “freethinking” poses danger to the dark control systems, for it is breaking down the controlled matrix and creating a new Earth.

The matrix is described by many of the following structures: processed foods and harmful chemicals, the normalcy of consuming land animals (keeping density and fear running in one’s energy field), pharmaceuticals and forbidden knowledge of the power to consciously heal or understand root-cause illness, manipulated politics and false-flag operations; media, tv, movies and fear-based programs; academia and controlled curriculums for children, college students, and grad students; science and religions that control how one understands the “truth” of existence, social media platforms using censorship to control realities and versions of truth; and distracting, addicting technological devices that keep one from connecting to their inner cosmic intelligence.

What we are seeing happen in the awakening is New Earth businesses, healers, doctors, practitioners, politicians, and spiritual teachers breaking free from these controlled paradigms.

It’s the vegan shop that’s popping up in one’s neighborhood, the practitioner that teaches one to tap into their inner-knowing and healing potential, the politician that fights for truth and freedom despite media ridicule, the quantum physicist who seeks to bring holographic truth back to collective knowing, the spiritual teacher who battles censorship for speaking truth, and new Earth television programs that re-focus one's mind to light consciousness and positive focused thought.

These are the holders of the new Earth. The ones who think for themselves, breaking free from everything that has led to disempowerment and fear-based realities.

By first understanding the opposing polarity, we can then understand the loving polarization, or the new Earth that is being created. Not only do we give thanks to the darkness for helping us to see/birth a new reality, but we understand we are one in the same—an integration of all universal polarities. Together we integrate and together we reach self-realization.

Without polarities, there would be no choice. And without choice, there would be no ascension. This is the ultimate evolution: the culmination of choosing your focused thought and emotion.

May we continue to expand our understandings of current systems and structures and may we find the truths that lovingly guide our thoughts and emotions.

Welcome to the age of Aquarius—this is the choice of ascension.


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1 Comment

Jul 31, 2022

Wow,just wow,I love these words and resonate with this whole heartedly even though I'm so aware of my own "inner tyrannical government", my unconscious mind that plays my surface self like a puppet, I'm slowly but surely realizing that choice is not just an important factor but the vital key that we must constantly use in the creation of the new self. If we don't police our own mind and learn to focus on focus, to be aware of awareness itself then the conditioning of the mind will play on repeat and we will lose this war on consciousness never realizing the battle is fought with principalities of the Air. It always starts at home and the system will fall…

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