Inner Parts and Polarities

Following this weekend’s final interactive guided imagery preceptorship, I gained a deeper perspective on how to introduce people to different parts of their psyche, as well as helping to create union between parts that may be in conflict. For example, we see conflicting parts in people all the time—a person who wants to quit smoking, while another part sabotages the efforts, or a person that wants to stop overeating, yet a part of them keeps going back for more (I’ve persona

Guiding Life Imagery

Having experienced much of my own work with connection to inner imagery through therapy and meditation work, I have a deep belief that our imaginative minds can better connect us to something greater and spiritually intelligent. I also really enjoy this process as a guiding experience, for it can otherwise be difficult to sit still and interact with inner images. The first time I ever did imagery work was with my psychic many years ago after struggling through the pain of a p