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Psychic Attacks and Protection

Updated: Jan 25

This is a message for those struggling to accept darkness within the collective reality at this time:

“Information is always considered light.”

The triggering that happens when presenting darkness, not only comes from the receiver’s level of consciousness, but the presenter’s ability to take the information, transmute fear from its vibration, and present the information back in a manner of neutrality. 

Fear is not, and will never be real; however, sinking into a place of confusion, doubt, and lack of knowing who and what is our “truth” sets us up for psychic attacks.

Psychic attacks are felt when our thoughts and astral connections are psychically manipulated. You may feel this through your thoughts being negatively perpetuated or snowballing into a place of despair. Perhaps, you are sorting through a war of information, while not understanding where your resonance lies. 

Entities not working with light are always looking for loopholes to get your permission (consent) to run fear within your mental operating system, for this is a free~will universe. 

You come with an innate power to decline fear and negative entities in your reality. You may say NO to confusion, despair, and continuous cycles of  “feeling lost” or “smoke-screen” versions of truth. 

Being lost, comes from detachment of your power and sovereignty. Using your free~will to remove the veil, gives power back to you and the human race.

There are multiple levels of consciousness operating on Earth at this time.

The 3rd dimension, or “the physical,” experiences reality from a place of what it can physically see. It does not necessarily tap into psychic realms, but it is a place of protection, when needing to detach from astral manipulation.

The 4th dimension, or “the astral,” is where psychic communication may happen. It is a place of “in~between.” One may go here for answers, yet without the use of clear “intention,” may be lead astray.

This place feeds on ignorance, for where awareness lacks, psychic manipulation, consent loopholes, and false realities (entities) thrive. This is the place of dream space as well, for entities may try to seek consent while you are dreaming—another platform for trying to run “fear” on your system.

If you wake up from a dream that did not feel like yourself, do not let this confuse you, for it may be a psychic attachment, testing you. This place asks the following question—are you sovereign? Do you understand your power within to control (or consent to) your specific reality and vibration? Do you understand that you have the power to discern?

The 5th Dimension, or “the intentional place of love,” plays in the realm of non-duality. You understand that all realities, both darkness and light, deserve love. You understand that without darkness, you would not understand light, or your ability to discern. You understand what it means to know neutrality.

You see beyond 4th dimensional smokescreens, twisted narratives, and feel truth. You sink into a feeling, or vibrational resonance, when deciphering truth. You are fully integrated and helping consciousness to ascend through your psychic pathways and creations of love. You no longer consent to psychic manipulation. You are sovereign.

Understanding these different dimensional realities can help you reprogram fear, for the more awareness you have, the more you can control your reality. Information is not to be feared. Darkness is not to be feared. Negativity is not to be feared, for we are the controllers of our reality.

Anchoring in both 3rd and 5th dimensional realities may offer protection from psychic attacks and loss of sovereignty. If you feel yourself spiraling, you may call yourself back into your physical body, therefore declining 4th dimensional manipulation. If you feel yourself questioning truth, you may quiet into what vibrationally resonates, while setting clear intentions of working only with loving neutrality.

Following your resonance will always lead to truth, even as your truth shifts with the journey—this is known as “ascension."

Practicing with this internal meter strengthens the ability to discern, for what appears to be “dark” information will no longer strike unsettling reactions—it becomes neutral. Try clarifying what you do and do not consent to, for psychic manipulation and loopholes will begin to close.

You are the power that has been veiled from you.

May the smoke~screens be lifted, 


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1 Comment

Aug 01, 2022

We do need to be constantly aware of what thoughts we give and what emotions we hold as they are like the physical law of cause and effect. We can't change our thoughts and emotions in the moment but becoming aware of them and taking them to the highest vibration possible in that moment by simply being aware of them instead of being driven by them will over time shift the vibration and our self to a better place. We need to be vigilant with our inner world and come to realize that it's "here" that reality exist and not what's in front of our eyes but what's behind them, the "outer" is only what has been projected and created…

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