Energy Behind Ayurvedic Routine

Just as nature and the universe have a natural rhythm, flow, and pattern, your body craves similar balance. In Ayurvedic medicine, practitioners teach people how to heal themselves by syncing back into the flow of nature. Instead of resisting, the body starts to flow and function at its highest level. When we tune into the effortless patterns of nature, it can provide intuitive guidance on certain routines and patterns we should incorporate into our habits. Examples include r

Plant Medicine Ceremony pt. II

Processing and expressing my ayahuasca ceremonial experience has been quite the challenge to combine in such a confined space. What I’ve learned about this medicine is that the effects continue to unravel in your life, whether it’s being taken back to a place or sensation that triggers memory of the medicine and the reprocessing emotion that takes place under such guarded and healing care, or subtly recognizing that you have formed whole new life perspectives on things that

Guiding Life Imagery

Having experienced much of my own work with connection to inner imagery through therapy and meditation work, I have a deep belief that our imaginative minds can better connect us to something greater and spiritually intelligent. I also really enjoy this process as a guiding experience, for it can otherwise be difficult to sit still and interact with inner images. The first time I ever did imagery work was with my psychic many years ago after struggling through the pain of a p


Within my continued energy healing training last month, we came up with a group aligned purpose to be fully centered in our heart, to only do and act from a place of authenticity and to accept what arises in a healing is meant for that person. What was coming up was fear—fear that we may not be assisting, guiding, or flowing the energy properly. My healer mentor’s response to this collective insecurity was the following: “When you think you can’t do something, don’t worry, be

Energy of The Body, Biofield, and Source

I have spoken a lot about human energy fields and the interactions between the energetic fields of all living things and even non-living things. It is the paradigm that has emerged from quantum physics, as well as mentioned by many famous evolved philosphers, mystics, and healers, that essentially believes we are energetic beings living in a projected holographic state (aka the hologram theory). Unfortunately, growing up in the western world, many of us are not taught about e

Energetic Digestion of Highly Sensitive People

The past 2-3 weeks have seemed to lead me on a writing hiatus, and instead, i’ve experienced an intense load of digestion of my own experiences. First, I’ve kind of plateaued within an area of eating disorder recovery that has been pretty manageable, although now, I am in search of the full healing experience and unraveling anything holding me in the interim. Having already expanded this far, who says I can’t fight through it all? I have had some pretty synchronistic mind-blo

Chakra Energy

As I have mentioned briefly in other posts, there are many wheels of spinning light energy throughout the body known as chakras, through which we receive information and/or channel different emotions, needs, and wants from source, god or whatever you would like to call it. It is possible to sit with yourself to sense these centers and to feel the energetic patterns that are presenting within each energetic space. For example, when working closely with another healer this we

Quantum Healing

Having been drawn to many different types of holistic healing throughout my own self-ascension, as well as a strong background in critical care nursing, I have developed a unique desire to integrate holistic therapies into traditional medicine, with a special focus on energy healing. Walking into my first Healing Touch training, it was apparent that many other healing-type individuals had this same desire. We started the training taking turns feeling and assessing each other'

E-motion: Energy in Motion

There are many different conflicting paradigms in the world of healthcare, depending on different professions, beliefs systems, location/culture, and etc. Western medicine, for example, is predominantly ran by a mechanistic biomedical healthcare system that unfortunately can lead to viewing the patient through isolating parts, instead of looking at the parts as an interaction of the whole. With this type of view, comes great understanding on how to treat disease when it pre

What's Causing Your Addictions?

When visiting the American Holistic Nursing Association’s annual conference in California this past summer, I attended a very special seminar on holistic healing for addiction. I have held many persons' hand in their walk back to consciousness from life-threatening overdoses and substance abuse accidents, as well as stood beside patients through their journey to the “other-side” from disheartening cancers and organ failures from lifelong addictions. I have witnessed a patient