Chakra Energy

As I have mentioned briefly in other posts, there are many wheels of spinning light energy throughout the body known as chakras, through which we receive information and/or channel different emotions, needs, and wants from source, god or whatever you would like to call it. It is possible to sit with yourself to sense these centers and to feel the energetic patterns that are presenting within each energetic space. For example, when working closely with another healer this we

What is Your Shadow Self Trying To Tell You?

Let's just be honest here, my ability to binge on highs has not only been on food. There are so many other ways of binging that can be used to derail the same uncomfortable feelings that started the binging and purging of my eating disorder. Examples could include shopping, relationships, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex, weighing one's get the point. There are also many forms of restriction highs that can feed similar feelings. I'm not telling you this so you can g


I have been playing and celebrating life for a while now. These celebrations have stemmed from rediscovering myself after relationships, throwing myself into all-sorts of life experiences (you may use your imagination here), meeting all sorts of people, traveling, creating sanctuaries, expressing myself, reconnecting with family, and ultimately celebrating the healing of addictions and things that no longer serve me to live a life most aligned with my inner truth. Now, is a n