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How Does Your Intuition Talk To You?

This week has been fascinating in that the universe continues to deliver connections that are sparking deeper meaning in my life. Having ran into some very empathic people and stimulating conversations of conscious thinking, it is apparent that I am beginning to attract like-minded people that are helping me to dive deeper into the understanding of my own empathic sensitivities.

I do not care to initiate conversation on the idea that some of us are more or less gifted than one another in the intuitive department, because that is not really the point.

I believe we are all born with intuitive abilities that connect us with our higher self, guides, god energy, or messages that need to be delivered to another, and depending on our purposes, passions, and life wanting's, we demonstrate these abilities uniquely in all situations. It is a special inner wisdom that everyone may connect to differently, but I think it is fun to discuss, especially in the spirit of consciously ascending and understanding and using our loving healing abilities together.

I was explaining a hypnosis session I had with my spiritual medium Sammie Jo the other day to my Dad, and although we have had different life experiences and beliefs throughout our lives, he still listens openly and enjoys hearing my interpretation of things.

The best way I can explain this type of conscious hypnosis is simply like a guided meditation that allows one to view, sense, or hear one’s own inner messages and interpretations. We usually start by relaxing, breathing, and closing our eyes together and picturing a place that I feel most connected and loved. Once my mind’s eye is fully able to visualize the place and surroundings, is usually when the connection starts happening. My thoughts just start taking me places, and trust me, if you are new to this, you will think you are making the whole experience up! Overtime, you’ll learn that where the thoughts and ideas take you aren’t always so random, and they are usually mini messages for you from your higher level energies.

I also do similar sensory somatic work with my therapist through the process of eye movement desensitization reprocessing or EMDR therapy. There are different types of EMDR, but a summary of the kind we use involves wearing headphones that beep back and forth in each ear, while holding handheld buzzers that vibrate from the left hand to the right hand in sync with the left/right audible beeping in each ear. The energy that is alternated from left to right is known to help reprocess and clear any stuck emotions within the body.

For myself, I can be extremely sensitive to the energies of my surrounding environment that it can sometimes shape-shift me out of my authentic version of self, and this process of closing my eyes and connecting with my mind’s inner eye has been so beneficial! You start to discover how your inner self naturally converses, and it becomes a place of truth and guidance that one can turn to for validation. The more you practice this with yourself, you may even start seeing clear visions, colors, flashes of images, words, ideas, or even simply hear messages.

These sensation experiences can be described through the six clair-senses or intuitive senses that are commonly referred to as one's sixth sense and connection to spiritual information. Ancient wisdom is full of tapping into inner intuition, god energy, or one's gut feelings, however many of us have become disconnected from this precious gift. The good news is that it can be easily learned, but how the messages are intuited may be different for every person.

Some of you may already be open and connected with your inner-self, you just may have been unaware that this is what you were connecting with. For example, my messages many times come very impulsively. I will be driving down the road and all of a sudden hear a thought or get an idea that came out of nowhere, and I am able to consciously recognize that it is my spiritual support guiding me and listen to the messages. Other times it takes significant work to connect to the truth through meditation or therapy, especially if my ego is heavily wired into the situation and I am not able to understand whether my ego voice is trying to protect me or if my spiritual self is actually giving me guidance.

That is probably the most difficult part, but once you are able to distinguish between the two, you’ll be entertained by mini messages all around you! Also, if you are greatly spiritually evolved and connected, you might not be able to receive answers right away, because it wouldn’t be the human experience without a little mystery. Your higher self knew what is was doing when it planned out things it wanted to experience and grow from in this physical world, so sit back, breathe, and trust the process my friends. ✨

with love & woooosah,


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