Light Work of The Panther

There’s been a lot of “if you’re not acting from the heart, you’re acting from your wounds” in the air this past month. With this month’s solar eclipse (Aug 11th) working its magic in Leo, while grounding some major shifts in consciousness from last month’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius, many of us have been faced with deep engrained karmic behaviors and wounds coming up to be cleared—as if old versions of ourselves have shown up for a final clearing and final release. The energy

How Does Your Intuition Talk To You?

This week has been fascinating in that the universe continues to deliver connections that are sparking deeper meaning in my life. Having ran into some very empathic people and stimulating conversations of conscious thinking, it is apparent that I am beginning to attract like-minded people that are helping me to dive deeper into the understanding of my own empathic sensitivities. I do not care to initiate conversation on the idea that some of us are more or less gifted than on