"Science of Love"

Let’s take a second to step out of romanticized versions of love and life and look at ourselves as a species—a species that is wired for adaptation, and for scientific purposes, “survival.” We all come programmed with different understandings of love, things that turn us towards it, or things that have made us run far away, yet according to current research by Fredrickson (2013) the body has a *behind the scenes* unconscious program that changes the way the body expresses DNA

The Artist Within

With the human experience, comes creation, and most importantly, *you* (a natural born artist), expressing source into physical reality. I think sometimes we forget that even being alive is the most powerful creative expression of all. The truth is we are all artists. We are all creators. It’s part of the process and it is within our existence. From city structures to webs of family and community, it is more than what we view as physical arts—it is life. It is the uniqueness


I have been using the term “spiritual” for a while now to describe my underlying make up of all things mysterious in this world, as well as a connection with a divine energy. While this connection comes so naturally for me, I have struggled finding the language to describe its essence in my life, as well as struggled with the idea of being seen as discriminating in some way towards other peoples' beliefs. At the very core of my belief is a desire to achieve unity through a se


I have been playing and celebrating life for a while now. These celebrations have stemmed from rediscovering myself after relationships, throwing myself into all-sorts of life experiences (you may use your imagination here), meeting all sorts of people, traveling, creating sanctuaries, expressing myself, reconnecting with family, and ultimately celebrating the healing of addictions and things that no longer serve me to live a life most aligned with my inner truth. Now, is a n