Thoughts on ADHD

What is attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)? Does this diagnosis even exist? Doesn't everyone struggle with procrastination or focusing at points in their life? Am I at an advantage if I surrender to this diagnosis and take medication? These are thoughts that have occupied my mind space through the interrogation of ADHD in my mind. My thoughts change on this topic continuously. Some days I hear my ego fighting back saying "you don't have ADHD, you can do everything


I have been using the term “spiritual” for a while now to describe my underlying make up of all things mysterious in this world, as well as a connection with a divine energy. While this connection comes so naturally for me, I have struggled finding the language to describe its essence in my life, as well as struggled with the idea of being seen as discriminating in some way towards other peoples' beliefs. At the very core of my belief is a desire to achieve unity through a se