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Quantum Healing

Having been drawn to many different types of holistic healing throughout my own self-ascension, as well as a strong background in critical care nursing, I have developed a unique desire to integrate holistic therapies into traditional medicine, with a special focus on energy healing. Walking into my first Healing Touch training, it was apparent that many other healing-type individuals had this same desire.

We started the training taking turns feeling and assessing each other's energy fields, both during and without touch. Although there lies research and ancient healing tradition behind each modality we were learning, this can sound crazy to someone who may not be in tune to this type of feeling, sensation, or intuitive practice.

Believe it or not, using the hands to heal energetically has been used by healers and shamans for decades (Dossey & Keegan, 2016). Other practices like Indian medicine, have also documented intuitively feeling energy centers within the body, known as the chakras or wheels of light and energy within specific parts of the body (Dossey & Keegan, 2016).

Martha Rogers, a well known nursing theorist, believed that we are all open energetic systems constantly reacting with the environment and other beings, while the interaction is constantly shifting each person’s energy field. As new theories are emerging, and quantum physics is advancing, science is just beginning to discover what ancient wisdom has been practicing for years, for the power of consciousness is more than a product of the brain and exists beyond space and time (Dossey & Keegan, 2016).

Many professionals within Holistic nursing believe in the power of intuition and conscious intention to heal individuals and have began deeply studying quantum physics to describe the nature of what may be happening from a scientific view.

I attended a seminar at The American Holistic Nursing Association's annual conference, called "Quantum Cafe," where three graduate students had been working on a thesis in an attempt to help define quantum theories, so that their understandings could be naturally used and understood in the practice of holistic healing, especially the practice of energy healing and nonphysical phenomena. The four quantum terms explained by Helgeson, Peyerl, and Solheim-Witt (2017) as "non-locality, entanglement, phase locking/coupling, and coherence,” are used to describe the practices within holistic types of healing.

The theory of non-locality helps to explain that relationships between separate particles do not rely on size, distance, or direct connection with one another to produce effect, and suggests there is an existence of interconnectivity across space and time. This helps to explain how prayer, distance healing, intuition, and intention can all be used to impact the body-mind connection and promote healing (Helgeson & et. al., 2017).

Entanglement seeks to explain that although objects or particles may appear separate, they are actually interconnected and able to molecularly provide change. For example, brain scans of patients receiving MRI scans were found to have changes in the frontal lobe while receiving distance healing (Helgeson & et. al., 2017). The entanglement electron effect can also be understood through the process of the placebo effect, for the psychological belief system has the ability to alter one’s body.

Phase-locking can be understood as a principle of energy transfer in humans. Helgeson and et. al., (2017) explain it similar to an “internal antennae that enables a person to exhibit self-awareness and coordination.” It speaks to the many rhythms within the body that are being maintained such as breathing and the heart beat, and how they work together through similar fequencies (Helgeson & et. al., 2017). Coupling represents the idea that many substances work together to produce a certain outcome. This is seen in many systems of the body through internal cell cycles. This is also believed to explain the electromagnetic energy transfer from human to human. Chakra systems and internal meridians are known to be energetic systems that are in the coupled state (Helgeson & et. al., 2017).

Coherence is a principle of homeostasis, order, or structure within individuals that demonstrates an energetic flow, or harmonious pattern between all systems in the body, as well as interactions with external forces. For example, Helgeson and et. al., (2017) explain how an increased coherence of one system of the body, such as the heart, can increase greater order in other parts of the body. Research has found a direct correlation between heart rate and emotions in individuals, suggesting that emotional balance can increase the coherence of the heart and stimulate coherence in other parts of the body (Helgeson & et. al., 2017).

It is through these quantum explanations that the nature of energy healing and healing touch can be understood, and it speaks to the power of the healer to promote energetic change in a person through conscious intention during the practice of healing touch.

Shields and Wilson (2016) explain that the heart of energy work lies in the understanding that there is a “universal connection between all” and through the connective relationship of the “healer and healee,” one can “co-create spaces for healing.” Recognizing these concepts and their connection to a unified energy field gives one the ability to consciously guide the flow of energy through intention, while asking that the energy be guided to where is best for the patient.

Hands-on energy healing is practiced through quieting one’s mind and entering what is referred to as a "still, healing state (Shields & Wilson, 2016)." A study by Zimmerman (as cited in Shields & Wilson, 2016) actually revealed that when practitioners entered this state, a measurable pulsing energy was measured from the practitioners hands “within a range of 0.3 to 30 Hertz,” while non-practitioners did not produce a measurable pulsing energy. This suggests that practitioners are actually altering their level of energy within their electromagnetic field, or patterned vibration through conscious intention. This level of healing intention is the basis of energy therapy.

I find it fascinating to be able to begin to discover scientific ways to define and understand what has seemed so misunderstood in the scientific world. As my career progresses, I hope to offer a space or environment that allows patients to connect intimately with themselves and higher levels of healing energy through healing touch and other energetic practices. I hope this helps to provide information on how the practice of energy healing can be beneficial to one's healing path.

Until next week,


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