Within my continued energy healing training last month, we came up with a group aligned purpose to be fully centered in our heart, to only do and act from a place of authenticity and to accept what arises in a healing is meant for that person. What was coming up was fear—fear that we may not be assisting, guiding, or flowing the energy properly. My healer mentor’s response to this collective insecurity was the following: “When you think you can’t do something, don’t worry, be

Soul Amnesia

I can’t tell you how much this topic is probably one of my favorite spiritual truths—for it is the idea that our soul came into this physical world with a thought out plan of where we want to inhabit, which parents we choose to grow from, what experiences we want to have, and what people will meet us in our paths, as well as things down to the very second and time of our birth and astrological energy. We then awaken into the physical world where these truths are forgotten sim