Truth-Telling Guidance to Quit Smoking

I would first like to point out that whether you are are smoker, not a smoker, smoke occasionally, or struggling to quit, wherever you are at on your journey is okay. There is no right or wrong to your spiritual path; smoking is simply a defensive mechanism to counteract anxieties or overwhelming feelings. It can be helpful to understand how the behavior is helping you or what purpose it serves in your life if it is your desire to stop the behavior and live a more healthy lif

Quantum Healing

Having been drawn to many different types of holistic healing throughout my own self-ascension, as well as a strong background in critical care nursing, I have developed a unique desire to integrate holistic therapies into traditional medicine, with a special focus on energy healing. Walking into my first Healing Touch training, it was apparent that many other healing-type individuals had this same desire. We started the training taking turns feeling and assessing each other'

Thoughts on ADHD

What is attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)? Does this diagnosis even exist? Doesn't everyone struggle with procrastination or focusing at points in their life? Am I at an advantage if I surrender to this diagnosis and take medication? These are thoughts that have occupied my mind space through the interrogation of ADHD in my mind. My thoughts change on this topic continuously. Some days I hear my ego fighting back saying "you don't have ADHD, you can do everything