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Mercury Retrograde

This gentle, yet submerged energy takes me into the depths of this newly positioned Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

Mercury is the planet of communication and left brain thinking. When this planet appears backwards (happening 3 times a year), it is believed to be a time when communications can be a little off. People may have trouble expressing themselves clearly or communications may be misinterpreted. I like to think of the energy as going inward, versus outward into the world.

Sometimes, when all the *inner* energy doesn’t make sense or we can’t communicate what we are feeling inside, it can lead to a blow-up or release of chaos into the outer world—which has branded these “Mercury in Retrograde” times.

However, the regression gives us the opportunity to go within and assess old ways we have communicated with ourselves and the world.

With Mercury retrograding in Pisces, we are able to tap into the watery depths of our emotional states and emotions we may have been pushing to the back burner. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, and inspiration. It is a very psychic, dreamy, and emotional energy that loves the mystical things of life.

When we journey inward/backward with this energy we are being supported to discover any areas we may have been disillusioned, as well as deepening our understanding of what spirituality means to us. It may help to reassess any emotions that have been left unattended, as well as examine our dreams and inspirations.

Once Mercury returns direct on March 28, we can expect updated perspectives on our dreams and inspirations, hidden emotions, connection to spirit, and behaviors we have been using to escape ourselves.

Use this universal support to come into greater alignment with your dreams, things that are holding you back from your dreams (such as addiction, escapism, and etc.), inner inspirations, and your relationship

with intuition and spirit.

Let yourself be fully submerged, while knowing that you, can and will, keep swimming.


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