Understanding Saturn’s Return

What kind of life purpose did you sign up for? Do you feel the constant urge to be professional, maintain your status, and be at the top? Do you feel like you’re ideas don’t fit in with the whole, like you have an innovative purpose to share with humanity? A constant urge to bring fire and expansion to your work and life? Or maybe a more emotional purpose such as uncovering the depths of emotions, sex, and death? Many peers in my life, are going through what is called a Sat

Mercury Retrograde

This gentle, yet submerged energy takes me into the depths of this newly positioned Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Mercury is the planet of communication and left brain thinking. When this planet appears backwards (happening 3 times a year), it is believed to be a time when communications can be a little off. People may have trouble expressing themselves clearly or communications may be misinterpreted. I like to think of the energy as going inward, versus outward into the worl