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Light Work of The Panther

There’s been a lot of “if you’re not acting from the heart, you’re acting from your wounds” in the air this past month.

With this month’s solar eclipse (Aug 11th) working its magic in Leo, while grounding some major shifts in consciousness from last month’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius, many of us have been faced with deep engrained karmic behaviors and wounds coming up to be cleared—as if old versions of ourselves have shown up for a final clearing and final release.

The energy of Leo reminds us of our own inner-confidence and the ability to *shine* and be the best versions of ourselves. Think of the Lion’s ability to stand confident and proud in their playful ability to *roar* their truth and challenge others. After all the work that has taken place these past few months, many of us are grounding into our true inner power and finding acceptance of ourselves without all the karmic wounds and false childhood programming. This was a cosmic upgrade for all of us!

With all of these shifts happening, I wanted to share the support of a powerful spirit animal that has been with me through this transition. I recently had a Panther spirit guide connect with me through my imagination in multiple imagery and meditation sessions.

I saw him with his arms wrapped around my solar plexus and what felt like the most comforting hug, as if he was giving light and energy to all the things I wasn’t giving enough love. He told me his name was Joy, and he was here to be the full potential “joy” I had yet to see, and to hug and to hold me when my shadows were to get the best of me.

This panther guide joined me on my adventure shortly before my ayahuasca ceremony, where I then fully believe he physically showed up in human form through a young woman’s effortless ability to hold space for all of my shadows and wounds.

After experiencing this panther energy for some time now, I stumbled upon one of my favorite blogs by Cassady Cayne that had pictures of different power animals. Synchronistically, there was a Panther that immediately drew my attention.

After reading further about panther energy it was beautifully explained that the purpose of the panther essentially is to “hug” and “hold” all of your shadows (hence its deep mysterious energy/color) and to break through your own unconscious mystery, so that you can be “light” again. The panther is the totem of making the unknown seen and the healing of deep wounds. That is exactly the theme of my ayahuasca experience. And this is *exactly* what I feel my life and light-work are connected to.

For many of us going through such major change, the panther can be a powerful totem to lean on as wounds have been coming up to be cleared.

What parts of yourself have you shadowed because your wounds and false programming have taught you that those pieces of your being were unlovable?

Panther energy can help you shine light on these shadows, while helping to reprogram them with your conscious intuitive light, aka love. It’s time to shed what is not in alignment with your truth, for the universe is fully supporting you right now.

The goal is to *light* your whole self up. Stay lit. This is your light work.

The universe can meet us with this fascinating, sort-of inside-out, awakening sometimes—as if we are *only remembering* who it is we actually are.

Sometimes we don’t always see who we fully are until the *light* actually arrives.

Accepting all offers for panther tattoos,

(kinda kidding kinda not)



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