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The Artist Within

With the human experience, comes creation, and most importantly, *you* (a natural born artist), expressing source into physical reality.

I think sometimes we forget that even being alive is the most powerful creative expression of all. The truth is we are all artists. We are all creators. It’s part of the process and it is within our existence. From city structures to webs of family and community, it is more than what we view as physical arts—it is life. It is the uniqueness of your own life that then becomes a personal masterpiece and subjective expression of divinity.

Why do you think we wanted to play in a physical world—this sh*t is beautiful. From the things we create to the physical experiences of emotion in our attentive bodies, the physicality of soul unions, and being able to touch, laugh, and really truly *feel* someone you love makes this creative adventure worthwhile.

While the most ascended place of the physical journey is to create love into the physical, have *heaven on earth*, and heart over ego—the journey, mistakes, and ego-driven and ego-building creations are all part of the expression and process.

Without learning and playing in the duality of it all, we never meet ascension or the true beauty that comes from tapping into the most escalated creative version of self that is powered by the source that is love. This exuberating creative love inside of you is and will always be your muse. That is your true artistry potential, and that will never cease to exist.

Break through the quintessential and give the world your message, your art, your love, and your CREATION that is uniquely designed to provide a perfect message or influence for the world.

Whether it’s in the physical arts, writing, music, relationships, your job, your family structures...every expression is a creation.

Flow with your intuitive downloads. Your imagination connects you to something magical. Sit back, stare, and wonder how the f**k you created something so beautiful.

You couldn’t create, express, and be who you are without the collaborative efforts of all the interwoven creations. You couldn’t create yourself this way in any other lifetime, because no other lifetime (pre-programmed or not) could perfectly recreate the people, details, and love that this lifetime has unraveled. Give that some gratitude. Send some love back into the collective creativity.

Whatever you choose to make of your life is your own (yet collective) channeled expression of creation.

This is the art of life—play with it.

From the same muse inside of you,


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