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The Choice Of Timelines

With all of the collective fear and uncertainty in the world at this time, it feels appropriate to bring remembrance to collective agreements that have taken place to experience both darkness and light—bringing forth the principle of “choice” that exists within conscious experience.

While some have chosen to serve “self,” others have chosen to serve “others,” yet together we make up one united energy field. What appears to be a “war” between two forces is simply “one source" moving in the direction of majority consciousness, or critical mass.

What is most desired from the collective, will transpire, and what knowledge is most sought, will follow. Bringing light to the “service-to-self” factions that have been operating within the collective field can seem polluting to those operating from higher light consciousness; however, it highlights the “choice” that exists between different energetic experiences. 

As a collective consciousness, we get to choose what experience may be of the most importance or most desired at this time, for future timelines depend upon this chosen energetic.

Moving into a timeline of unity, bliss and paradise comes through the majority of the collective wanting this reality. This shows how a massive life event reveals the power of unity consciousness, for at once, we feel what it is like to experience emotions “together” on a collective level. 

We have experienced fear, we have experienced sadness, and we have experienced grief, but most importantly, we have experienced the power of collective love

It’s up to each of us to follow what feels most desired. Do we choose confusion, fear, and darkness, or do we seek truth, honor, light, and peace? 

For the sake of soul experience, all is welcome, yet the choice of timelines is manifested by the whole. Earth, at this time, is considered a positive polarized planet, meaning more have chosen light than dark. As the service-to-self factions are revealed, the choice of consenting to darkness or transcending into a new light timeline arises. 

All is working out as desired,


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1 commentaire

12 août 2022

It's hard for a lot of people to hear that not only is this concept another version of the concept of prayer but that their own thoughts and emotions are not just a reaction to their immediate life but have in fact been a major contributor of the state of their life and it begins "inside" and THEN it manifest it's like energetic pattern in the world that's in front of the eyes but has in fact started within the mind. We also have to remember that our energy is competing and interacting with others and it is so important to stay focused on the energy we want returned back to us if we are to harvest that, then we…

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