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Starseeds and Opposing Realities

There are two polarized constructs of reality described by Magenta Pixie and The White Winged Consciousness of The Nine as “positive and negative” consciousness. The negative polarity is known as “service-to-self” consciousness that consists of highly enlightened beings and elite that although understand light, have chosen darkness or inversion out of choice (Pixie, 2019, November). This consciousness feeds on the positive polarity construct by siphoning light-energy and seeking to control the collective grid structures. The higher powers of the service-to-self constructs have highly evolved pineal glands and solar plexus centers with technology that is able to tap into timelines of the positive polarity in order to control, change, or prevent progression from happening. It is believed that the service-to-self construct is ran by what Pixie calls “subterranean” entities or extraterrestrials incarnated in humans, hidden within the earth, or off planet (Pixie, 2019, November). The people that appear to be in control are simply puppets of a higher order. Other names for these entities have been referenced as malevolent Reptilians, the Anunnads, or the Anunnaki, while many have termed the inverted elite as the Illuminati. Adequate sources for learning about these terms further include: The Flower of Light series by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Interviews with Extra Dimensionals, Ancient Civilizations, and Cosmic Disclosure on the Gaia Network (see references below). According to many extraterrestrial experiencers, researchers, channelers, whistleblowers, and secret political programs, there are more than 60 different species of extraterrestrials that have been known to interact with Earth (Miles, Miles, 2015). While some races are thought to have malevolent agendas, seeking control and genetic experimentation, many come with benevolent agendas. There are also benevolent Reptilians, that wish to preserve Earth’s infrastructure and aid in collective ascension. For the prevention of deferring all extraterrestrial’s into one category, it’s important to note many operate from positive or neutralized polarities and are helping Earth to ascend to higher consciousness. The positive polarity consciousness or “service-to-others” paradigm, operates from an open heart, drawing energy from Source, instead of siphoning energy from others. The positive polarity has what the negative polarity does not: childlike innocence, with extremely open hearts to bring in light and energy (Pixie, 2019, November). This energy source is never ending, for Source is infinite and omnipresent. The leaders of this polarity are known as the starseeds, lightworkers, truth-bearers, ascended masters of Earth, and higher conscious beings from other star systems with the intent to sway Earth’s vibration back to a place of love and service. In one of the Nine’s recent channeled transmissions to Pixie, it was explained that while the service-to-self constructs have chosen to feed off of others energy and tap into the geometric coding of the positive, this energy source is becoming limited (Pixie, 2019, November). With a prophesied new grid system being implemented by the positive polarity, there is an unfolding of sacred geometrics that even the negative polarity cannot deconstruct. This new grid system, known as Crystalline consciousness, Christ consciousness, or Diamond consciousness is led solely by the heart center: something that service-to-self consciousness is not able to access. While many starseeds and lightworkers are aware of this shift taking place, even they do not know all of what is to come, for it is being divinely guided and protected so that the service-to-self constructs are not able to siphon and manipulate the grids being formed. These separate polarities are nothing to fear, for even the negative polarity’s role is more integrated than one may think. While we may label one side as good or bad, both polarities come from the same Source, with a sense of divine order bringing us back into neutrality. We should not look to either side as our enemy, for it was within the collective agreement for us to experience. As critical mass of the positive polarity to bring truth to Earth continues (as mentioned in the previous blog), along with heightened openings of divine portals through the winter solstice, Christmas, the solar eclipse on December 26, 2019, and the Lunar eclipse on January 10, 2020, there is a disintegration of the inverted matrices, or negative polarities, taking place (Pixie, 2019, December). We are moving into a fated realm of higher consciousness and a new grid system—a place full of starseed wisdom and service-to-others energetics. This is set to be a decade of new frequency: a timeline jump to the future. May your heart continue to open, your mind continue to expand, and your internal eye see with precision. 💎 Kelsey References

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