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The Future of Neutrality

Once we expand our minds to know that truth and higher consciousness exist within all teachings, our way of understanding God becomes neutralized.

From a birds-eye-view we are seeing more and more disclosure of higher realities. What first stimulates this process is the heightened collective desire to know the truth. Magenta Pixie, channeler of the White Winged Collective Consciousness of the Nine, describes this as “reaching critical mass,” for the universe must respond to the “magnetic resonance” of increased collective desire.

Magnetic resonance, mixed with the precession of the equinox, or the natural ascension and descension of humanity due to cyclical astrological energetics, creates pathways for truth manifestation, for this follows laws of natural creation. Therefore, the truth of higher consciousness, must and will be disclosed.

As we move forward, we will see more and more light-workers, truth-bearers, and channelers, as well as higher politics, continue to shed light on the darkness present within the collective reality.

What continues to stand true is the following: one’s truth is dependent upon one’s resonance. With infinite perspectives, comes infinite versions of creation or connection to higher consciousness, for we are each destined to our interpretation of what it means to be connected to God. However, the connectivity of each of us to one source remains, and one’s personal vibration lives in quantum entanglement with that of the collective consciousness.

With Earth being a heart-centered being, the presence of freewill will always be engrained. We all have the freedom to create our subjective reality through both fear and love. All must find God through freewill, and not forced into a way of knowing, for it is a choice unique to the individual.

A place of neutrality acts as a source of unity to everyone that has ever felt limited by rules and “taught” understandings of what it means to be connected to God. If truth does not resonate within one understanding, truth may be delivered through another source of resonance and vice versa. It is neutrality that offers the continuous reminder: all perspectives are valid.

A teacher can offer perspectives, but one’s truth is a creation—for true connection unfolds when we leave the artist at play.







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