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Christ Consciousness

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Christ Consciousness may be referred to as a higher vibrating dimension, 5th dimensional consciousness, or pure unconditional love.

When Jesus came to Earth, he laid the template for a higher level of love to exist within the conscious blueprint (or accessed Akashic), for his energy of unconditional love helped spark remembrance of the light and love that is referred to as “Christ.”

The origin of the word "Christ" may be linked to the geometric structure of the fifth dimension, for it is described as a "crystalline" or "krystalline" consciousness by ancient civilizations such as, Atlantis and Lemuria. While the term may hold many different conflicting perspectives, it can be broken down into one easy interpretation: unity consciousness.

Jesus told his students: “I must leave you now, or the comforter will not come to you (John 16:7)." In this statement he reminds us that Christ is not someone to be worshiped, yet something that we are, for we have the ability to remember our true state of love (Mirdad, 2019).

In easier terms, Christ Consciousness is a vibrational experience of love. It is another name for ascension or higher densities, and it is a conscious pattern accessible to all.

While the name is symbolic of Jesus, it represents a pattern of consciousness that may be called want you like, and accessed in many ways. The Bible speaks of accessing this energy through the small voice within; Buddha called it non-attachment to the external; Gandhi called it an inner light, and etc.

Once we break it down to a vibrational level, it becomes less about the language used to describe the energy, and more about one’s personal vibration. Someone who’s never known the term Christ may resonate with a more all-encompassing language; my point is we are discussing the same realms of higher vibration. Other figures of 5th dimensional consciousness include Krishna, Buddha, and Muhammad.

The master’s that have come before us have seeded grids of love and light to help us ascend to our true potential and higher densities. Just as the collective works together, you’re conscious blueprint makes waves on the collective ascension process.

From this vibrational perspective, one can understand the return of Christ as an evolution of the collective consciousness to a higher vibration: one synonymous with Jesus.

The level of consciousness that you are operating on is fueled by every single person that is feeling similar things to you. The more people that lift into a higher vibration, the easier it becomes for others to psychically access.

Higher dimensions of love will always exist no matter what we label it, no matter what interpretations feed our level of consciousness, and no matter what perspectives we use to understand its existence.

Once we realize we are all experiencing the same thing through infinite realities, we reach a place of neutrality—a place that no longer discredits other ways of knowing, for we know we are all molecules of the same source.








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