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Generational Planet Energetics

In theory, the farther a planet is away from the Sun the less the energetic charge, resulting in a more abstract effect on one’s astrological blueprint. It’s not to say that all the planets don’t have significance but that a hierarchy of energetics exists.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are the closest to Sun, resulting in quicker orbit times, quicker movement through the zodiac signs, and a more direct influence on Earth’s focal point. The Sun and the Moon, although not planets, are important placements in your astrology chart due to their strong luminary power.

The outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—have longer orbits around the Sun, as well as slower movement through the zodiac signs.

Due to slower transit times, there are generational themes that arise from outer planet placements, for portions of the collective will take on similar placements in their astrological birth charts.

Most of those you grew up with will have similar outer planets in the same sign depending on the time frame. For reference, Jupiter changes signs every 1 year, Saturn every 2 and a half years, Uranus every 7 years, Neptune every 14, and Pluto 10 to 20 years. Each sign change is what switches the energetic flavor per generation.

One of the prominent generational blueprints of my time is the conjunction of Neptune and Uranus in the sign of Capricorn (1989-1995). When Neptune, the planet of other worlds and connection to Source energy, connects with Uranus’ distinct ability to disrupt, break free from conformity, and channel the future—we create a revolution in the way that people connect to Source energy. Uranus then serves as a disruptor of “in-place” belief systems surrounding the divine and asks that we all form a bridge to the future, or a new way of connecting.

In the sign of Capricorn, also comes a level of sophistication—creating leaders, and practical ways of connecting to Source within.

While there are high and low roads to every sign, this energy has the potential to create great spiritual leaders and teachers—yet the greatest teacher will never veer you from your own power.

This is the generation of recognizing that power comes from within, contrary to external dogma.

There is nothing wrong with religion and all the sacred texts in the world when one realizes that the same light is also within you. You are God, and you are light—you are simply on a journey of remembering.

With that power comes the ability to create both light and dark—for this is your experience to create. While love is of the highest vibration, part of getting there is through experiencing both and shining light on your shadows.

Many of us with this placement have gone through our own stages of rebellion against the idea of “God,”— yet what’s really being discovered is a new interpretation of the light within.

Anything that asks you to close your mind to something of light is probably coming from a polarized view. If we know that enlightenment exists in all-knowing integration, we then have to give credit to all ways of knowing.

When asked what our generation’s spiritual and religious beliefs are—it is my hope we respond—“open to light.”


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