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The Perspective of Truth

I read somewhere that the more we combine multiple explanations of the universe—mythologies, religions, higher wisdom, and scientific explanations—the more we create a greater picture of truth. Just as human consciousness is cyclical in nature, we experience periods of ascension and descension, as well as different understandings of truth throughout time. Currently, going through a period of ascension we see masculine energy catapulting the feminine again—bringing forth the integration and knowing of ourselves as Source energy. With this growing collective understanding, truth (although ascending) can be described as Source energy experiencing itself in the 3rd dimension—a place of separation, polarity, and paradox. What does compassion feel like when we are disconnected from unconditional love? How worth it is love, when we have the choice to partake in evil? And why do we, as a 3rd dimension, deny things that (from a higher dimensional perspective) would bring us more joy? These are things the 3rd dimension are teaching us, while offering different levels of experience and perspective. It’s not just you who is learning, it’s universal—for many of us are communicating our lower-level experiences with higher dimensional beings or our higher dimensional selves in our sleeping hours. In higher dimensions it is undeniable that one has the ability to create, delete, and create whatever they want on demand. From above looking down (or from another dimensional overtone), it’s fascinating as to why we get stuck repeating cycles in the 3rd dimension. It's the idea that truth comes in many forms. When tapping into the Akashic records, a place that stores truths from all perspectives and all dimensions, there are different truths that resonate depending on what historical perspective is needed for each person’s development and level of understanding. The integration of all levels of knowing, all forms of knowledge, and all multidimensional experience is where we tap into universal integration and what one could call all-knowing. While it can be difficult to grasp the existence of multiple dimensions—this is how we are learning about ourselves, by partaking in experience in all levels at once. What may feel like a past life, or easier to describe as past from this physical dimension, is only an expression of yourself in another dimension, existing all at the same time. If you can understand that the universe creates itself in paradox—then you can start to integrate all knowledge at once. For example, while this experience may be simulated, it is what we see, feel, and know to be reality. The purpose is to open your mind to the idea that there are many different realities and perspectives of what the universe deems as true. In search of the truth, you learn that every perspective, thought, and experience offers truth. It is the integration of all truths that bring us closer to understanding. What you contracted to experience in this dimension correlates with understandings from other dimensions that, combined, help us reach an ascended level of integration. You may have to play the victim to understand what that state of being may offer and vice versa, and you may have to know what it’s like to not be connected to Source to develop greater compassion for your creative potential. While this combined level of knowing helps you understand that you’re just Source energy experiencing all truths at once, sometimes too much knowledge can take us out of the game. You aren’t meant to always understand more than the game you are currently playing. There’s beauty in remembrance, but also being here now. Find your own place of integration,


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