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Electric Anxiety

When anxiety pangs our system, it can be difficult to clear its electrical disruption. Sometimes anxiety looks like losing your appetite, pacing, trying to catch your breath, feeling like you want to vomit, and so many other symptoms. When we go through disrupting times in our lives, our bodies harbor and download programs of fear into our cells that can get triggered and released in tricky ways. It’s in this same way that our body produces signals of anxiety, for research tells us that what causes bio-chemical stress reactions is from an unconscious memory stored within the body. Getting to the source of our pain is nothing more than a rationalized guess that our brain tries to process. Our best guesses as individuals, practitioners, healers, counselors, and etc. can many times be skewed. In my best search for the truth, I’ve learned to trust that there is something within all of us that wants us to know the truth—an internal language or dialogue with the universe, our higher selves, or what one knows to be Source. When we disconnect from this knowing, we can feel lost and disillusioned. It’s not f*cking easy. Our karmas, experiences, and broken pieces take us through the gutter and back. Having a stellium and mental body in Scorpio, there are parts of me that sink, retreat, and go mute sometimes. However, the gift of Scorpio is transformation. Coming into this world with the incredible gift of being able to feel things intensely gives you the ability to transmute and transform the energy for yourself and, in time, others. It’s interesting, as healers we can provide answers and wisdom through our own experience, intuition, astrology, and psychic downloads....but nothing is ever more powerful than your own intuition and internal guidance system. I can stand here as an example, as a place to relate, and as a human going through Earth's experience with you, yet the real answers lie within. Until we learn to trust our own internal system, we become nothing more than a wedge between our higher selves and the physical world. Sometimes anxiety can serve as a reopening, for without it, we never break open to meet the real self (again and again).


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