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Unlearning Untruths

When I say don’t listen to anything that diminishes your dreams *not even your own fears*...I mean this so vividly. Our human ego minds are so quick to think ourselves to destruction, yet true light consciousness exists in the quiet moments of released thought and intentional gaps we create in unconscious programming.

When we let go of our mind, our thoughts, and our fears, we create space for new light to enter. This is why the art of mindfulness and having gratitude for the present moment is proving to be better than any antidepressant, because fear lives within the mind not the moment. When we give blessings to *pure* moments of consciousness we give light to the brain’s neuroplastic ability to create new pathways and turn our old unconscious thinking into updated loving pathways. You can call it god, a creative intelligence, or whatever the art of pure consciousness seems to reveal itself to you as, but the truth is...this is what we all are without the disruption of egoic thoughts. We are all simply observers of this human experience whom come programmed with an everlasting code of love and unity waiting to have space to express its self. I like to think of life as a process of ‘unlearning untruths.’ Because one, it provides me with grace as I shift, theorize, and constantly seek to understand life meanings (what defines me, who I am and etc.), but second, because each of us come into the world as pure templates of ourselves (as possible) until we are taught, trained, and aligned with the programming of our family, collective traumas, personal traumas, society expectations, the environment, and so forth. There are many layers that sometimes have to be worked through in order to get to the truth of ourselves. Going through the therapy process has been like the peeling back of an onion, for I have experienced and played with all kinds of different layers/truths for myself, but the one truth I have grown to trust is my inner-knowing and the energy within all of us that wants to see us at our most authentic healed version of self. There’s a part of me that is willing to go as far to say that the only moral code that any of us need to follow is that of our most authentic heart. Doing what is right for your heart, your growth, and your love will ultimately deliver what is best for you and everyone who may be involved in the action or choice, regardless of what it may feel like in the moment. This obviously would require a lot of conscious upgrade, but many are already on this journey and feeling the intense love that comes from vibrating at a higher energetic frequency. It continues to bring us back to the intelligence that exist within all of us and the ability to use the heart as a universal moral/directional guide. We will all hurt other people on our journeys, but that hurt may be purposeful to wake another up to parts of the self one may have been unaware they were not loving. And while pain is *painful*, it many times precipitates growth. The universe can be an amazing mirror of our inner belief systems, and when we pay attention to the external reactions around us, we can begin to check and balance our own love for ourselves. I always say, “anything you love about others is something you love about yourself, and anything you dislike about others is something you do not like about yourself.” When we gain acceptance of our whole selves along the way, we are able to accept others fully and attract the things we really want in life.

The energy of this month (and a few to come) is a wonderful time to assess your own “inner” love. Assess what the universe is showing you in your interactions, assess your feelings about others and what’s causing you to dislike something about another, assess any untruths you’ve believed from roles you played in your childhood, assess any blockages you’ve created towards love from past relationships and hurts, assess any envy (for these are usually messages or clues to what your life path and purpose is to include or what you desire) and begin to find the true part of you that only knows love for every single ‘part’ of your ‘whole.’ This isn’t an easy process, and speaking from a couple years now of consistent therapy—I continue to uncover new blocks. The experiential work never ends and people are only triggers of what is already inside of you. Each relationship, new experience, inner imagery, external imagery, self-reflection, creativity, and intuition are all on your side, while trying to reveal your true nature and help you detach from “untruthful,” “fear-based,” and “viral” programming. Use your whole body, mind (or quieted mind), and spirit as you interact and dissect yourself in this physical time of your existence. the real you believes in love, KC

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