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Creative Process

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

As my life purpose is seemingly making its way out of me through expressing all that is inside and all that has been sizzling for years, I am focused, calm, and playful. The term "play," reminds me to connect with the child in myself, the innocent pure part that disconnects from the ego, expresses without fear, and ultimately is a more connected version of self.

It connects me with the part of myself that has always dreamed of healing, writing, and creating from sacred joy. This process is not only exciting, but energizing to every part of me, for I finally get to share my passions with the world.

As this is all very new, I am reminding myself that self gentleness is key, while divine connection is what recharges me and fuels this journey. Most importantly, I believe we are all in this together--consciously playing our parts as we expand, heal, and ascend.

I hope you all enjoy the mini unravelings of me becoming the person I have always dreamed of becoming as much as I do!

With love and conscious intent,

Let's play.


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