• Kelsey Choate

Loving Your Polarity

Many of us have walked through “my truth is the real truth” this past year, and it feels as though things are integrating more into a place of acceptance for all truths. 

Experiencing this physical reality as individual consciousness, sets the scene for walking through our individual truths, before we can realize all truths are truths. 

Perhaps, what is more powerful, is the ability to hold higher vibration, versus actually proving each of our truths. It is the ability to speak your truth from the heart, while not feeling the need to physical prove points—for trying to prove something creates energetic tension and suffering in the body and consciousness. 

As the election is closing in, we can hope for polarity to calm within the collective, as a direction forward may process. However, it is the polarity, or splitting of consciousness, that has helped the collective clearly see what each believes to be darkness and light, while highlighting a choice, or direction for ascension. 

As a timeline emerges, it matters more, not who is president, but mostly what has been learned through the process. If you only support one party, try loving the other. Notice where you have created polarity within your mental state. Perhaps, try neutralizing, by loving the opposite. This ability may be applied to all areas of life, while helping you learn to open your heart to opposing realities. 

This skill is not only a necessity in unifying consciousness, but it is the next step as we seek to shift the energetic fields into the 5th dimension. Without love, true unconditional love, for both the dark and light (your reality versus your opposition), we do not learn how to unite as a consciousness. 

You can hold love for your chosen reality, while understanding that other vibrations and timelines are playing out simultaneously. None of which, are more or less false, for they all offer chosen experience. 

As vibrations ascend we learn to not fall victim to the trappings of polarizing systems within the 3D structures. We see all experience and chosen vibrations as lessons for the soul, while holding psychic pathways for the natural evolution of integration and neutrality. 

By loving your opposition, you tap into your infinite nature—the ability to hold all perspectives (light) at once, while eliminating dense judgements that arise through lower vibrational learnings.

You learn that you are more than one dimension, more than one reality, and more than one perspective. You hold dimensions inside of you that transcend conflict, for you see all dimensions as an extension of yourself. 

You are me, and I am you,


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