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Updated: Jan 25

My name is Kelsey, and I want to share a revamped introduction of myself that includes both my career and personal self and how I plan to start blending these two worlds into one version.

I’ve been climbing a continuous ladder with my life and career, while trying to get to a place professionally that feels the most sincere. With that being said, I am extremely excited about what I am doing. I am currently working as a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, as well as working part time in Addiction Medicine.

I want to continue to share my creativities and things I’m passionate about in whatever new way that looks like. At my heart center and what I consider myself to be best at is writing.

I’ve always considered myself a writer at the core, for I feel like it gives me the privacy to be alone my words and the ability to organize and balance things in a way that doesn’t always emerge through speaking or having conversations with others. Writing has been an avenue and creative space to create who it is I really am.

However, as we move forward — I see making videos as a way to connect with more people and make things more interesting.

With where I’m at in my life and a place of stability within my career, It only makes sense to challenge myself further and to push myself to use my voice vocally, in a way that feels the most comfortable.

When I think about that process, it might look like writing first, continuing blogs, but at the end of that pushing myself to record videos of these blogs and etc.

Another thing that is really important is what kind of content I’m interested in sharing and why. What is the why?

For me, I’ve always been extremely passionate about digging deep. Whether that’s spirituality, understanding what makes us alive, what makes us healthy, what makes us sick—and looking at how can we use these discovered truths to live a more fulfilled life.

Functional medicine for me, takes a deeper look at what makes us function and what make us dysfunction-ed? With that simple question, emerges a million topics or things to learn. Whether it’s coming from personal practice, scientific studies, conferences I attend, or spiritual experience. All of this is included.

I’ve witnessed many people in my life suffer from chronic illness or mystery illnesses, as well as seeing the rates of chronic illness or dysfunction and imbalances climb in our population.

My goal is to share as many answers and even questions that arise through journey, and perhaps even start conversations with other people’s intimate thoughts and experiences.

Stay tuned for continued blogs, but also stay tuned for different videos on the mysteries of medicine, health, wealth, spirituality, and professional knowledge.

I look forward to still being myself and honoring the privacy within my soul, but also finding more ways to share deep thoughts, as well as merging my professional self into this space.



YouTube: healingconscious Watch video on YouTube here

Instagram: @healingconscious

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