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2020 Mass Awakening

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The best way to control a human race, or planetary population, is to make it seem as though one is not being controlled. Yet, the veil continues to dissipate as critical mass reaches for a higher ascending timeline and truth is demanded by those holding higher vibrations of light. We are facing a spiritual “war” with what may be a hidden enemy to most of humanity, and a very real darkness or corruption to those able to see beyond what is transpiring in the third dimension.

This darkness or inverted elite (as explained in the previous blog ”Starseeds and Opposing Realities”) is what can be politically referred to as the ”Illuminati, Deep State, or Cabal,” for it operates from a "service-to-self" consciousness. While the truth of these terms have held an energetic uncertainty for much of the collective, we are seeing a shift in belief systems as Deep State exposure is revealed, aiding in a collective ascension or awakening.

Synonymous with prophesied spiritual and sacred messages of our time, we are moving into a golden age, or a place of freedom from oppression and controlling forces of dark. We are moving out of polarity (dark and light) and back into a timeline of unity, bliss, and paradise.

Jumping into the origin of COVID:19 is a heavy and controversial topic; however, many channelers and beings of light are stepping forth to deliver truths to inspire mass awakening on Earth.

Among the alternative science and spiritual community, we have seen many step forward with information on the current COVID-19 situation such as David Icke, David Wilcock, Magenta Pixie and the White Winged Collective Consciousness of the Nine, and many other channelers of the Galactic Federation of Light (Pleadians, Andromedans, Sirians, and Arcturians).

Synonymous reporting concludes a “depopulation agenda” of viral means put into place by the negative elite, as well as a complete economic and societal takeover. By propagating massive fear in the collective, the Cabal seeks to lower Earth’s vibration in a last attempt to prevent the collective from moving into what Magenta Pixie calls the “Paradise Ascension Timeline”: a timeline where the dark forces are no longer controlling the masses.

It’s important to understand that while these negative elite individuals are highly intelligent with technology of remote viewing, assessing timelines, and etc., they do not have access to higher vibrating timelines that the lightworkers, or service-to-others consciousness, are implementing, because they do not operate from the same heart-center.

All lightworkers, truth-bearers, starseeds, and seekers of truth and light are being called to increase Earth’s vibration, and also help to increase Earth’s collective energetic immunity of the COVID-19 virus at this time.

We are being bombarded by mainstream media infiltrated by Deep State forces to keep fear within the collective energy field high. Yes, there is a real virus, and yes, it is affecting people worldwide, but there is an energetic component to immunity that is not fully understood by science at this time. While more and more people begin to build immunity, this becomes available to all through the entangled pattern of consciousness within all things.

When you understand this principle, you are no longer enslaved to the Cabal’s “constructed response” of delivering you a vaccine, when it may be the Cabal who created the problem in the first place. This is a known system of control, for they are experts at creating a problem, reaction, and solution, because being reliant keeps you enslaved.

Although our nation’s path has seemed exploited by a narcissistic president, many have spoken out about Trump’s lack of affiliation with the Cabal and his resistance to being controlled by the ruling families. David Wilcock speaks to the Cabal's efforts to destroy Trump's political reign through mass media manipulation—while eluding that his rogue stance holds threat to the elite establishments.

Magenta Pixie explains that the president is a direct reflection of where humanity is on a collective level, for he is transpiring an ascended timeline due to his active efforts to bring down the Cabal. While Trump is not synonymous with "unity consciousness" or “ascension cycle awareness and starseed wisdom,” he has traits that are needed in order to first eliminate the Cabal. Once the darkness has been eliminated from the collective field, we will then be able to manifest a president synonymous with light consciousness and 5th dimensional awareness.

The people who are working against the Cabal can be referred to as the Alliance, or the “White Hats,” and those operating from a service-to-others consciousness. Q is an anonymous source that actively seeks to support the Alliance by providing coded social media “drops”, or information providing disclosure to the masses.

Other Cabal agendas to research include the enrollment of harmful 5G technology worldwide, pedophilia, sex trafficking, artificial intelligence, ID2020, crisis ploys (911 and constructed world wars) and more.

As we move forward, we are seeing that the Cabal’s plan has backfired, for they are not able to see 5th dimensional efforts to mitigate their depopulation agendas. Many starseeds and lightworkers are being guided and given information moment-by-moment to be sure the timelines may not be siphoned or hijacked.

You are being asked to keep listening to the guidance of your heart to know the direction forward, while also sharing as much as possible to spread awareness and keep Earth’s vibrational field high.

This is a time many have been slowly awakening for, and for those of you new to this information: trust the process and know that it is being divinely guided. Operating from your heart will continue to feed light into a new path on Earth and guide you to necessary information.

Saturn in Aquarius has arrived—for old structures of control are being broken down. We are being led to a new societal timeline: one that knows innovation, humanitarianism, and freedom.

Massive disclosure, along with a new paradise on Earth, is coming.

May you let go of fear, let go of judgement, and let go of ridicule, for it’s time to come out of the box— to speak your truth from the heart.

This is why you came,






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