A Year To Be Celebrated

This month’s writing offers a poetic version of the energetic summation of the past year’s powerful ascension. It’s been a rollercoaster ride. We have been ripped apart, broken open, and put back together again. We have learned to surrender attachments to others, fill ourselves with love, and balance the unique energies within. We have transformed our grief into healing gifts, healed the wounds of our childhood, and let go of versions of ourselves we once thought were real. T


I have been playing and celebrating life for a while now. These celebrations have stemmed from rediscovering myself after relationships, throwing myself into all-sorts of life experiences (you may use your imagination here), meeting all sorts of people, traveling, creating sanctuaries, expressing myself, reconnecting with family, and ultimately celebrating the healing of addictions and things that no longer serve me to live a life most aligned with my inner truth. Now, is a n